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1.- FARANDULA is constituted as a community of lovers of leisure in all its aspects, but also of quality and good taste. Therefore, the first and last goal of FARANDULA is to provide quality leisure in unique spaces.
2.- FARANDULA was born as a modern, free and moving community. There is no limitation of style, taste or origin to belong to it. We do not tie ourselves. We are not pigeonholed. We want to explore and create unique experiences tailored to each one, and we want you to join us in them.
3.- FARANDULA will live in multiple different spaces and times. We will live by day and by night. In the city or at sea. For young and old. Each edition is unique. We will guarantee that you find what you are looking for. We only demand good attitude and good vibes.
4.- FARANDULA was born in Madrid, current European leisure capital. We cannot be happier for our city, our colleagues in the hospitality industry and finally the clients and citizens who benefit from us. We come to promote it more, to raise the level even more, to implement our seal of quality, to receive our foreign friends with pride and fun, and above all, to transfer our community to the rest of Spain, which is just as incredible.
5.- FARANDULA would not exist without music and all those who make it possible. Therefore, we are committed to organizing the best parties you can be in and to accompany us only by those who have the level to provide them.
6.- FARANDULA is here to stay and welcome all those who demand to have a good time of course, but above all, to live different emotions that do not make a plan or a space routine and repetitive.