App for nightclubs and entertainment venues

Fourvenues offers you everything you need to manage your venue. Deliver remarkable experiences by getting to know each customer and increase the profitability of your events while reducing your management time.

Full access without credit card registration

Manage your restaurant globally


Centralize all your sales

Your PR team will send their bookings and sales through the platform, with the ease of a Whatsapp, centralising them all.

Manage VIP spaces and VIP reservations

Sales will be accumulated in a single list and the booking requests will reach the VIP Manager, who will be able to organise them on an interactive map of the room in real time.

Measure your PR performance

As your PR team sells, the ranking will be automatically updated and you will see their performance in real time, knowing who your best salespeople are at all times.

Streamline access to your nightclub

At the entrance, with just two clicks, you can check in attendees, reducing access times and keeping your employees connected and informed.

Know your customers

You will generate a private database of your customers with which you will be able to build customer loyalty by offering them a memorable experience.

Draw customized reports

At the end of each event you will know the outcome of the session through automatic reporting. Improve your sales strategies based on real data from your business.

Fourvenues for discotheques

Sell tickets and increase the turnover of your sessions quickly.

Online ticket sale

Start selling online and make it easier to buy tickets. Use the power of your social media and increase your revenue by getting the most out of your PR team.

Anti-fraud payment detection

Ticket counterfeiting solution

Add extras in just one click

Ticket refund management

Guest list

Leave paper behind, centralise all your guests in a single list and solve last minute problems at the entrance.

Limitations per hour and number of persons

Quick reading system using QR codes

Automatic PR assignment

Monitor attendance levels in real time

Space management and VIP reservations

Manage from a single platform all your festivals and events
Keep control of everything in just one click.

With Fourvenues you will have an interactive map with all your areas and spaces, where you will be able to carry out any action within seconds.

Create as many spaces as you need

Set up tables with both time and attendee constraints

Combine several tables to host large groups

Our algorithm optimizes incoming bookings: internet, phone, walk-in

Receive your attendees in 2 clicks

View your customers' bills in real time

What else can Fourvenues do for you?


Evaluate the performance of all your PR

Rankings per session to find out who has made highest turnover

Set up commissions for each tariff and you will automatically have a recount per event.

Create groups with as many members as you need and assign team leaders.

Customized reports

Automatic reporting per event and per business and make the right strategic decisions based on real data.

All data is displayed in real time giving you the opportunity to take tactical action at any time.

We are very strict with our privacy policy: all data collected will be for private use only and will not be passed on to external public or private companies. Only you will have access to them.

Customer report

Find out about them: gender, age, address, likes and dislikes...

Automatic Reports

Analyse the most popular prices for your audience

Ticket report

Analyse sales by hours, days or months

Channel count

All your sales filtered by services and with PR ranking

Manage all your locations at once

Register as many businesses as you have and manage them all from the same platform with a single user.

Regardless of whether they are other nightlife venues, restaurants, large events or lounges. With Fourvenues you have the solution.