Collects data and receives automatic reports at the end of each event

Fourvenues makes it easy for you to collect data about your business and events. We show you real-time data on your most important indicators and translate it into automatically generated reports.

Full access without credit card registration

Customized reports per event

Hire only the staff you need

Our algorithm will show you an attendance forecast for your event based on: ticket sales rates, guest list creation and booking requests. This allows you to invest only in the necessary staff and save on overheads.

Capacity control

The capacity of your event in real time

The reception function allows you to know at all times the total number of people at your event. It lets you know at a glance what percentage of the capacity you have covered.

The most complete data analysis App for your discotheque.

Customer reports

Get to know in depth the type of public that comes to your business and create experiences that meet all their needs. With the customer reports you will be able to know: age ranges, percentage of gender, place of residence and the quality of all customers who access your business. You can segment them according to the product they have purchased: lists, tickets, reservations, VIP passes.

Tariff report

Break down all the rates offered at an event and discover the number of payments that were made by price. You will be able to know the general number as well as information about the clients since the report will show you: the amounts sold by offline or online channels, the total number of people who bought this rate, the total number of products sold by rate as well as the percentage of gender, age and quality.

Ticket report

Find out which times and days have been the best in terms of ticket sales This report will show you the overall number of tickets sold per price and includes graphs with the total number of tickets sold per hour, day and month. You can differentiate between sales made by your PR team or through links to websites.

Channel counting

Know the total amount raised by each commercial or PR. You will have at your disposal a list of your entire sales team with the total number of sales made by each of them. Not only will you be able to know the total turnover they have achieved, you will also have information on: total number of people signed up, number of people who entered the event due to them and the number of tickets sold broken down by price. All this information can be filtered in a general display or by lists, tickets, bookings...


Register as many businesses as you have and manage them all from the same platform with a single user.

Regardless of whether they are other nightlife venues, restaurants, large events or lounges. With Fourvenues you have the solution.