Sell tickets online for all your events from a single platform

Fourvenues centralises all your sales channels in one place, giving you full control over all your distributed tickets. A simplified process for you and your customers!

Full access without credit card registration

The best App to sell tickets

Online ticket sales

Start selling online and use the power of social media to increase your sales.

Direct selling link

Add supplements with one click

Ticket refund management

Integrates all ticket sales in a single app

Continue selling tickets in physical points or through your PR team in the street by selling by SMS.

This way you can continue to receive cash while you collect data from your attendees and control from your mobile all the tickets sold.

Automatic settlement tables

Total control of selling price

Sell tickets securely

The safety of your money, is the most important thing to us.

Payment fraud detection

We have a software that detects possible fraudulent transactions by immediately blocking the operation and alerting the business owner.

Counterfeit tickets

Don't worry about counterfeit tickets, our unique QR code verification process makes it impossible to replicate a ticket or enter twice with the same ticket!

Sales team

Increase your turnover by simplifying the selling process for your team!

Every user registered at your company has a personal sales link that they can share on any social media platform. Your customers can buy a ticket in one click, no matter where they are.

This personal link allows you to get a clear overview of the sales made by each individual at your company. You will also obtain a list with the sales commissions to be paid to your employees.


Receive payments from any part of the world

Don't leave out your international audience. With our payment gateway you will be able to accept purchases with any card regardless of the currency in which it is operated.

Withdraw your money after the event and receive it in your account within 48 hours.


Collects data and receives automatic reports at the end of each event

Customer report

It will show you aspects about the type of customer who has bought tickets for your events: gender, age, location and quality.

Tariff report

It shows the prices of the tickets that have been sold for each event, indicating the best days and times to sell. You can also see the total invoiced per rate, attendance percentage by gender and average age.

Centralizes sales

Register as many businesses as you have and manage them all from the same platform with a single user.

Regardless of whether they are other nightlife venues, restaurants, large events or lounges. With Fourvenues you have the solution.