PR´s & Staff

Power your leadership

Get to know which PR´s get better results

Analyze the incomes which achieve each PR per event or within a determined time

Control arrival times of your staff in every venue

Centralize the schedule work times of your staff and let them sign their check-in from their own devices or from a specific point.

Organize your team by levels hierarchy levels

Centralize all your staff members in one APP and grant permission to each user depending on their responsabilities. Create diferents groups with team leaders and show just the info each one needs.

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Control the expenses of free drinks of your staff

Thanks to the sign in of your workers you will be able to track their arrival time as adding a specific number of add-ons per user. Giving them a limited number of drinks, VIP Access or any attribute.

Automatic report of PR´s fees and tickets liquidations

Get yo know in real time the money pendind to liquidate by your PR´s and the fees the have generated

Increases the profitability of your venues with Fourvenues
Full access without credit card registration