Management software for festivals and large events

Fourvenues is the ideal management platform for promoters who manage a large number of attendees and are looking for a high level of security.

Want to sell festival tickets?

Full access without credit card registration

With our App for festivals everything is much easier!

Fast and efficient reception

Safety comes first. With our technology you will be able to eliminate congestion problems by receiving large masses of people in a few hours and detecting counterfeits immediately.

Increased turnover at your events

Increase the average spend of each attendee. Include one-click add-ons on each fare and enable the resale of your tickets by controlling all transactions.

Customized database

Offer your customers all the commodities they need. Accept payments in any currency and gather information about your audience's tastes and needs.

Customer Service

Your services available at all times We work with scalable servers providing service in high traffic peaks as well as double authentication systems validating all purchases.


Sell tickets or packs and increase your turnover easily

Send personalized promotions, via SMS or email, to each attendee and increase your turnover. Get to know the type of customers that attend each event you do and know everything about them. The entire database you generate can only be enjoyed by your business as it is totally private.

Sell online or at points of sale and facilitate the purchase of tickets and packs. Configure price rules for a limited time or according to units sold and control the sales volume by rate ranges.

Know in real time the billing of your events and the number of attendees who come to them. Speed up access points by reducing waiting times and get exceptional customer service. Thanks to our algorithm you will be able to know the sales and attendance forecasts for each session.

Improve the experience of your VIP clients by offering them agile and personalized attention

Get absolute control of the consumption of your VIP tables. Speed up the reception of VIP reservations thanks to the interactive map. Reduce the number of "no-shows" by charging for reservations in advance and find out the consumption preferences of your customers.

Automatic reports

Increase in average ticket per attendee

Include add-ons easily in the payment gateways and increase your turnover. Send emails with promotions according to the products purchased and offer your customers all your services.

Grouping of commodities in a single QR

Acknowledgement of payment per customer

Create personalised audiences

Sending emails and SMS


Streamlines access routes by speeding up queues and avoiding crowds at the entry.

With the QR code ticket scanning system you can scan all types of tickets with any mobile device and detect forgeries instantly.


You'll never be stranded

We have a highly qualified IT team ensuring the total operation of our platform. Likewise, you will have 24/7 telephone support available to answer any questions you may have or to advise you on the optimisation of procedures.

Self-scaling servers

Double authentication

Instant transactions

Channel count: all your sales filtered by services and with PR ranking

Manage from a single platform all your festivals and events
Keep control of everything in just one click.


Cover all your customers' needs and fulfil all your VIP's desires.

Reports on your attendees, get to know everything about their tastes, preferences, number of payments made... Create actions according to their needs and overcome all expectations.

Receive customers of any nationality and offer them the possibility to pay in their preferred currency. Fourvenues' payment gateway allows transactions in any currency, making life easier for your international audience.


Register as many businesses as you have and manage them all from the same platform with a single user.

Regardless of whether they are other nightlife venues, restaurants, large events or lounges. With Fourvenues you have the solution.